Water Management

Water treatment at Ekamas Fortuna uses aerobic and anaerobic systems simultaneously as the main cleaner. Using the two technologies together results in a more efficient treatment than when the aerobic system is used alone, as well as a more complete removal of contaminants than when the anaerobic treatment is used alone.

The Ekamas Fortuna wastewater treatment facility has a capacity of up to 9600 m3/day, with both physical and chemical processing methods. After the water is proven safe, then it is returned to the environment.



1. Economic Empowerment

  • Manufacture of biogas reactors using local people's livestock manure
  • Paving and brick assistance for public facilities
  • Assistance with furniture-making tools
  • Red ginger seeds

2. Religious Social

  • Mass Circumcision
  • Sacrificial animal grants
  • Waqf Al Quran
  • Donations for orphans
  • Eid gifts

3. Conservation

  • One Billion Indonesian Trees (OBIT) Planting Movement.
  • Assistance with tree seedlings for the area around the company

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Growing Our Tomorrow

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